JetSMART - Behind the Scene


Charter Management System - Introducing a new platform with direct integration to a reservation and distribution system to execute mass action to any existing bookings, like adding ancillary products or check-in/check-out options. This solution provides a fast and convinient way to manage charter PNRs in batches with one click.

Transactional Email Sending System with CMS Integration - A new transactional email sending solution, integrated with a global airline reservation platform, Kentico's content management system and Mailchimp's Mandrill email sending and templating solution. It provides a flexible way for business users to change the content or look and feel prompt of their transactional emails.

Multi Segment Flights - As a reaction to the COVID19 situation, JetSMART introduced multi city flight handling on the website to fulfill the changed travel and business needs.

Progressive Pricing - This new micro rule engine built-in to the website can manipulate the ancillary prices on the fly based on business defined rules. It can increase or decrease the item price if added to the booking more than once.