We have completed the development of the DeepX IBE Suite, which is not just a booking website but…

We have recently introduced an AWS-based solution to one of our airline partner. In the fast-paced…

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PSS System upgrade to expand multi-channel distribution Expanding the distribution channels as an…

Amadeus integration to DEEP has been completed We are continuously improving our flagship product…

We have completed the development of the DeepX IBE Suite, which is not just a booking website but…



We are familiar with airline PSS systems; ERP, CRM and CMS implementations; security standards such as PCI DSS; data governance; eCommerce conversion optimization and SEO principles as well as custom IT development and cloud solutions.

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Tour & Travel

In the past years DGITAL has developed a travel service product portfolio with the goal of providing high value and excellent online solutions for Tour Operators and Travel Agencies that can easily be adapted to various business models. Find out more.

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With more than 25 years of eCommerce experience we have the solution to IT challenges including our in-house developed ready-to-go web components and cloud modules. Check out our Solutions.

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// DEEP Travel Reservation System

New and clean solution for tour operators optimized for high volume online sales

Researching popular travel reservation products we have discovered the need for a new solution that can address several weaknesses of the market portfolio like high price, slow time to market, complexity, difficult operations and legacy technical platform. Since 2015 we’ve been relentlessly working on a new travel reservation software, DEEP, that can address the above issues.

DEEP is developed from the ground-up using the latest technologies. Our team has designed the product to meet the needs of the challenging eCommerce business while we also provide exceptional support during the operations sas well. It is optimized for modern tour operators and travel agencies with high volume online sales for managing their entire sales portfolio including direct sales on the website, personal sales in the offices and the connection to re-seller agencies.

// DEEP Airline Internet Booking Engine

Compatible with major passenger service systems

At a start-up airline there are many challenges that need to be solved before the launch including major IT and eCommerce decisions. A significant task is always to build a modern website as quickly as possible that is capable of being extended in the future with different ancillaries and more complex features.

In order to overcome this issue, the best solution usually is to create a custom developed booking engine that is modern, serves all of the business needs and compatible with the selected Passenger Service System (PSS). On the other hand, it can be exactly unlike the goals, not low-cost and not quick.

DEEP Airline Internet Booking Engine is developed from the ground-up using latest technologies. Our team has learned from the market and designed the product to meet the needs of the modern business demands. We created a booking engine that is lightweight and can grow simultaneously with the business to handle complexity.

// DEEP Connector

Fast and seamless integration of travel ancillary components to any eCommerce website

DEEP Travel Connector is a set of universal component models, that have been created with the mindset to fit into any booking flow and to be easily extended with any third-party service provider for support fast implementation and flexible reinforcements.

Optimized for high traffic and seamless website integration, while keeping the operational costs moderate and controlled.

We Are Hiring

DGITAL is providing development, operations and consultation services for international airlines and online travel agencies. We are experts in Microsoft technologies especially in delivering high traffic and high availability solutions for cloud-based platforms.

We value our people with excellent remuneration and compensation package and family friendly work conditions. We can be only as good as our team.

Executive Team


Founder & CEO

Zsolt S. Csernák had a vision of a company that would move the travel tech business to the next level. With his comprehensive knowledge and experience, he founded and is now leading DGITAL. Zsolt played a key role in the strategic planning and management of Wizz Air’s state of the art e-commerce services, infrastructure and IT team.


Partner & CTO

Tech Lead/Team Leader with general IT designer skills. Experience in building up/leading IT teams and adaptation of methods. Collecting business requirements and keeping contact with clients. Formerly an E-Commerce Analyst at Wizz Air responsible for Mobile, B2B channels and Cloud.


Partner & COO

Head of Operations and IT Business Analyst with 10+ years of experience in ULCC airline business. Co-ordinates and negotiates with suppliers. Became expert of IT operations while working as Head of Service Desk and Senior Enterprise Application Manager at Wizz Air.