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DGITAL’s project with JetSMART and Banco Estado continued. Banco Estado (est. 1855) is the State Bank of Chile and one of the most financially solid banks in Latin America (via Global Finance 2020.

During the new development phase we extended the existing integration and functionality with the biggest Chilean bank that now allows Banco Estado customers to directly register on with their bank account. The website is maintaining their special benefit program dynamically with different levels, based on their actual credit card category, including special loyalty point collection and redemption possibilities.



Implemented Into DEEP with the Latest Technology

The solution provides not only the highest security features but also a seamless user experience that is used at more and more customer focused companies like Google or Facebook. With the token-based authentication method it is possible that users can stay logged in on their selected devices and when they return to book their next travel from the same device, they don’t have to hassle with the password again when logging in, as the browser will remember the user and log them in automatically in the background in the most secure way it is possible. User data has end-to-end encryption to absolutely secure the personal data.

The solution is fully GDPR and PCI DSS compliant.


In the last 5 years DGITAL has found its place in the international travel technology business by constantly growing and evolving. E-commerce being our main area of expertise, we wanted to be simple, where visitors can easily understand our range of activities. We have found that our innovative and high end developments deserve a website that is easy-to-understand, informative and not least follows the latest technologies.

As a result, we created dedicated pages for our products and services as well as a dedicated page with our recommended solutions to the different industries we work with. The new website is fully mobile optimized with enhanced navigation and supports multiple languages by design.

From the technology point of view, our first website was built with using a Static Site Generator (SSG). We chose Hexo, because it used Javascript and it served us well until 2018, when the next generation Static Site Generators arrived. Jamstack and server side rendering technologies became the new trend and we evaluated them - such as Next-js, Jekyll, Nuxt.js and Gatsby - to get a clear picture. Next.js and Gatsby fit well in our portfolio as it is backed by React. We chose Gatsby, because we think, in 2020 it is the best choice for a corporate site. Gatsby has been designed especially for static sites such as corporate websites or blogs and they are a pioneer in server side rendering, which makes the website not just incredibly fast for the first load, but also provides a unbelievable seamless experience while clicking and navigating on the site thanks to Jamstack principle of pre-rendering all accessible pages in the background.

We still use .NET Core based backend for our e-commerce projects and our frontend is built on Typescript, React hooks and Web Components.


Microsoft Azure customers now gain access to some of DGITAL’s products and services to take advantage of the scalability, reliability, and agility of Azure with streamlined deployment and management.

The Microsoft Azure Marketplace is an online store that offers applications and services designed to integrate with the Microsoft Azure cloud. Before DGITAL’s products and services became available for purchase on the Marketplace, all of them have been certified through the Microsoft Azure Certified program to ensure compatibility with the Azure public cloud.

You can find the following products and services of DGITAL Labs in Microsoft Azure marketplace:

DEEP Travel Reservation System

Azure PCI DSS Compliance

24/7 Cloud Operations and Support

Cloud Migration and Optimization


DGITAL has signed an enterprise level Guaranteed Support Service and Availability Agreement with JetSMART in the value of over USD 700.000

Our wide range of services are now covering software guarantee, development and testing, consultancy and project management.


We are pleased to inform you that DGITAL has been qualified for Silver Cloud Platform Competency at Microsoft. The qualification is the result of 4 years of dedicated work, successful implementations on MS Azure platform and superior cloud hosting services provided by DGITAL. Thanks to this achievement, the company and its Customers are receiving 24/7 priority support from Microsoft.

DGITAL will acquire the highest, Gold level status in 2020.


There must be a casus bibendi so be it, let’s call it “Welcoming Autumn” Party. We all ditched work on a fine Friday afternoon and went back to the venue of the last year-end party. The place is getting more cosy month by month and we did our best to take its advantages.

We are proudly wearing the new branded T-shirts in the garden of DGITAL’s new office


Yakitori on the grill


Some rooster balls added to the stew / Spareribs made ready in the smoker

Spare ribs

Side dishes: salads, grilled aubergine and chapati

Aubergine and chapati

Our new office space is under construction, but we could have a sneak peek and it’s promising, we’ll love it

New office space