We've been busy


'Cause we are growing!

Backend developer Viktor Tóth joined us back in February, Géza Csősz and Ferenc Szatmári (developer) started in March and Frontend developer Gergely Grusz came just yesterday (April 11).

And we are not done: from May Zoltán Szabó will fulfill his duties as a mobile developer.

And we are still not done! Passionately coding all the time? Hangin' on GitHub every night? Frontend and Backend developers wanted! Send us your CV, give us a call or drop us a message on Facebook or twitter.

New DGITAL Office

Oh, and we'll move again:)

It just happens when you grow so quickly! We've chosen a sunny, roomy, funky new space. Look: Wanna have a closer look? This part was love at first sight: There's a lot to do before we can move in, but the place obviously has its advantages. But wait until you see the after photos.

And while we are here, let me introduce you to some happy people (CEO Zsolt Csernák, CTO Péter Gigler and Szabolcs Bence, Head of Operations):