JIRA & Trello


Daily standup meetings at 9 am. 15 people in a cubicle. Summer, no AC, tech people, smell. My first experience of Scrum. Sprint reviews, retrospective, planning poker, ticket workflows, swim lanes, timesheets, stakeholders, shareholders, scrum master, product owner, kanban, six sigma, lean, muda... this list never ends. Business wants Return on Investment, Software Engineers only want to do programming.

Irreconcilable differences. All we can do is ask the same questions over and over again: Do we need bookkeeping? Can a project be finished? What are the qualities of a good developer? Do we need specification? Is the project worth doing? Every project needs bookkeeping, every project needs guidelines and objective measures.

It doesn't matter what we choose, but we do need to choose something. Here at DGITAL we use JIRA and Trello. We use them for keeping track of our projects, tasks and bugs. We even use Agile carefully, very carefully