about winning



There are so many ways to win...

DGITAL is an energetic new company, packed with talented, action-oriented people. We believe we can make this world a better place and this is not just a phrase. Obviously we are creating world-class software and offering outstanding services which is a great contribution in itself, but there's more: we are actively creating opportunities for the next generation. We have the power to stand up for a good cause and so we do.


That is why we decided to participate in the charity auction organised by Sourcing Hungary Kft in favour of nurseries in Nepal and Hungary and they won David Klein for the cause. The auction itself was great fun, we enjoyed every minute. The beneficiaries - Jamune Yuba Club and "ADJ ESÉLYT" Alapítvány - already received our blessings and support when we visited the Sourcing headquarters where we met Dávid - and again we had fun and chatted a lot. Dávid was really cool, answered a million of our questions about mountaineering, expeditions and the Himalayas (not to mention agoraphobia).


David Klein, Zsolt S. Csernák (CEO), Istvan Tarr and Szabolcs Bence posing with all the things we've won: a hiking stick, a rock, some photos, a wall calendar and a magnet - straight from the Himalayas :)