DGITAL is fully PCI-DSS ready


We are happy to announce that we are fully PCI-ready in Microsoft Azure. Azure Services has undergone a major change in recent years. The gap between Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Azure, the two leading cloud providers is closing at an increasing speed. In addition, Azure has always offered strong PaaS-based solutions and still has a little lead in it. We have always kept a close eye how these services have matured, especially in terms of e-commerce. Until recently, card payment industry focused solely on conventional hosting environments with physical/virtualized hardware. They were cautious and slow migrating into the cloud. As the competition between e-commerce providers became more fierce, especially in the low-cost airline sector, cost-effective scalable and flexible infrastructure has become a principal requirement now. At the same time regulations, security requirements and GDPR put a great responsibility on the providers. Add geo-redundancy and disaster recovery to the equation, and conventional providers are having a hard time fulfilling these needs. Cloud providers have put much focus on these areas in the last couple of years, offering very good solutions for logging, monitoring and security in a scalable manner at a smaller price, than their heavy-weight on-premise counterparts. DGITAL put a lot of effort in finding a way to cover all these requirements in Azure Cloud. We carried out a PCI-DSS gap analysis successfully with a licensed auditor collaborating with Microsoft. We believe that cloud-first is the right approach for all our customers, especially e-commerce providers.

Azure DevOps services is used in DGITAL for all build and release related operation. Our quality pipeline is fully implemented there. Cloud version provides features, which makes Microsoft as a leader in this area, especially for .NET projects. We are happy, that we chose this over AppVeyor or TeamCity. They are both great products, but Azure DevOps provides more features at a smaller price. There is still some room for improvement, but they have reached an important milestone, having all .NET core related project pipelines running there. We are committed to using it in the future as well.