dgital.com Rebranded


In the last 5 years DGITAL has found its place in the international travel technology business by constantly growing and evolving. E-commerce being our main area of expertise, we wanted dgital.com to be simple, where visitors can easily understand our range of activities. We have found that our innovative and high end developments deserve a website that is easy-to-understand, informative and not least follows the latest technologies.

As a result, we created dedicated pages for our products and services as well as a dedicated page with our recommended solutions to the different industries we work with. The new website is fully mobile optimized with enhanced navigation and supports multiple languages by design.

From the technology point of view, our first website was built with using a Static Site Generator (SSG). We chose Hexo, because it used Javascript and it served us well until 2018, when the next generation Static Site Generators arrived. Jamstack and server side rendering technologies became the new trend and we evaluated them - such as Next-js, Jekyll, Nuxt.js and Gatsby - to get a clear picture. Next.js and Gatsby fit well in our portfolio as it is backed by React. We chose Gatsby, because we think, in 2020 it is the best choice for a corporate site. Gatsby has been designed especially for static sites such as corporate websites or blogs and they are a pioneer in server side rendering, which makes the website not just incredibly fast for the first load, but also provides a unbelievable seamless experience while clicking and navigating on the site thanks to Jamstack principle of pre-rendering all accessible pages in the background.

We still use .NET Core based backend for our e-commerce projects and our frontend is built on Typescript, React hooks and Web Components.