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Yeah, those who enjoy good football are also winners of every match. Look at these guys: you enter the room, they work - business as usual, not one of them cares about the back wall, although they are a wee bit fishy.


Then they hear something or catch a glimpse, some (most) heads turn, you can feel the tension building. Clearly, something's happening back there.


Finally, the excitement bursts out, everyone talks and laughs, having a great time. Just a few seconds later they all returned to their monitors once again, planning/writing/testing code.



Daily standup meetings at 9 am. 15 people in a cubicle. Summer, no AC, tech people, smell. My first experience of Scrum. Sprint reviews, retrospective, planning poker, ticket workflows, swim lanes, timesheets, stakeholders, shareholders, scrum master, product owner, kanban, six sigma, lean, muda... this list never ends. Business wants Return on Investment, Software Engineers only want to do programming.

Irreconcilable differences. All we can do is ask the same questions over and over again: Do we need bookkeeping? Can a project be finished? What are the qualities of a good developer? Do we need specification? Is the project worth doing? Every project needs bookkeeping, every project needs guidelines and objective measures.

It doesn't matter what we choose, but we do need to choose something. Here at DGITAL we use JIRA and Trello. We use them for keeping track of our projects, tasks and bugs. We even use Agile carefully, very carefully


Being a travel tech startup means we are always up to something. In this newsletter we are coming back with more exciting news about the team, a new client/new projects and more!


Thinking about joining us? Have a look at our job openings. We are looking for a Product Manager, and Frontend and Backend developers are always needed, too. Send us your CV, give us a call or drop us a comment on your favorite social media site - Facebooktwitter or Linkedin - we’ll respond. Immediately.

Just signed our third frame contract and the implementation agreement with our new client. It also means a new traveling platform will be out in the open for you to fall in love with by Fall 2016. Stay tuned, we'll keep you informed!

Ther is a new blog post about us doing Scrum. This is the first of its kind and more to come!



'Cause we are growing!

Backend developer Viktor Tóth joined us back in February, Géza Csősz and Ferenc Szatmári (developer) started in March and Frontend developer Gergely Grusz came just yesterday (April 11).

And we are not done: from May Zoltán Szabó will fulfill his duties as a mobile developer.

And we are still not done! Passionately coding all the time? Hangin' on GitHub every night? Frontend and Backend developers wanted! Send us your CV, give us a call or drop us a message on Facebook or twitter.

New DGITAL Office

Oh, and we'll move again:)

It just happens when you grow so quickly! We've chosen a sunny, roomy, funky new space. Look: Wanna have a closer look? This part was love at first sight: There's a lot to do before we can move in, but the place obviously has its advantages. But wait until you see the after photos.

And while we are here, let me introduce you to some happy people (CEO Zsolt Csernák, CTO Péter Gigler and Szabolcs Bence, Head of Operations):



... and now we do content management for Wizz Tours

Juli Domány joined the Wizz Tours team as content manager. She is now behind the bi-weekly newsletters and also updates all kinds of contents for

We Moved to a New Office

We moved to a new office at the very beginning of this month. Although it is only 10 meters away from the old one - which we continue to use - we celebrated with a grand breakfast. We had frutti di mare bites and also sandwiches, sweets and snacks from Házikó.

We Hire Professionals

In November, Gábor Bauer as Lead developer and Attila Cseh as Backend developer joined our team. But we are not done hiring, click here if you are the Backend or Frontend developer we are looking for, send us your CV to


Our first site re-development project for Wizz Tours went live successfully within an extremely short implementation period. The project will continue to evolve and we will keep you informed.

For the first time in history: our recruiters shifted gears lately and thanks to their continuous efforts ... MILESTONE ALERT! ... our population reached ten(!) people, now including: Péter Gigler, who doesn’t seem new at all, he sits where he always has, doing what he can do best, only he is now working in DGITAL colors. Taking care of team members is top priority as finding new ways to cheer them up.

Refreshments are important. We are aware of that. Especially coffee. We know it, we all share the passion. So. In addition to the electric-yellow pixie for Nespresso, we now have a Gaggia Classic to brew fine coffee. These two will brighten your days for sure. Don't you think we should hire a barista now?

You have a kid and dreaming of a beautiful and friendly place where they can have fun while you work? We have good news for you! Finalization of the DGITAL nursery contract with BDO is only a matter of days. Just wait until you see their spacious, colorful playrooms, I promise, you'll wish to stay with them :)