DEEP live!

In the past 2,5 years our developers have been heavily working on DGITAL’s new, clean & lean solution and DEEP has born.

Developed from the ground-up using cutting edge technologies, our team learned from the market and designed the product that meets the needs of the changing business demands. Besides the engine - i.e. DEEP - the project also included a user interface for backoffice packed with features and the customization of the whitelabel website. DEEP is already in use on in 10 languages across Europe and the site has great conversion rates.

Get inspired on the new destintations pages featuring the handy deals barchart that can help you planning your next trip:

Stay tuned! We will return with brand new features soon!

The Kalifa Sisapangma Expedition

David Klein - our favourite expedition mountain climber - returns to the Himalayas in March 2018 with the KALIFA SISAPANGMA EXPEDITION. His aim is not less than to reach another jewel of the ‘Crown of the Himalayas’, the peak of Shishapangma. He’ll - once again - climb without sherpas and without the use of supplemental oxygen. The expedition will take aproximately 2,5 months.

Mount Shishapangma is one of the highest peaks of the world. It belongs to the Himalaya’s eight thousands and it’s the only one which is located entirely in Tibet. Shishapangma is considered to be one of the most approachable 8,000m peaks to climb because of its direct route and relatively short approach to Base Camp. For a peak of this size and stature, the Northwest Ridge offers a direct route to Shishapangma’s Central Summit (8008m). A knife-edge ridge connects the slightly lower Central Summit to the mountain’s South Summit at 8,013m. This final section of the climb can prove very challenging but challenge is not something that could make David flee.

We will follow his adventures as we always do and send him our cheers and support.


GDPR. Rings a bell?

Well, it should. GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation. This one makes us busy nowadays, as all individuals, organisations and companies that are either “controllers” or “processors” of personal data will be covered by the GDPR. To make a long story short: it will overhaul how businesses process and handle data. It’s alright to have déja vu, if you were old enough to remember Y2K…

And it will come into force on May 25, 2018. You may say “we still have almost three months” or “OMG, only a little more than two months?!” depending on your temper.

Elizabeth Denham, the UK’s information commissioner, who is in charge of data protection enforcement, says she is frustrated by the amount of “scaremongering” around the potential impact for businesses. “The GDPR is a step change for data protection,” she says. “It’s still an evolution, not a revolution”. (via wired)

A plan to become GDPR compliant by May 25, 2018

Your organisation is not yet working on GDPR? No reason for panic, as a recent study showed this to be the case for more than 60% of organisations. But it does mean that it’s time for action now.

It all starts with a GDPR assessment, in which the organisation’s ‘gap’ regarding GDPR legislation is determined and an action plan is drawn up accordingly. An important part of this is creating an initial inventory of the personal data in your organisation to provide a clear picture of the e ort required to become GDPR compliant.

For a mid-sized organisation, at least 3 months are usually needed to carry out the action plan and the GDPR implementation itself. In order to become GDPR compliant by 25 May 2018, it is best for an initial GDPR assessment to take place as soon as possible. (via BDO)

You can dive deep and read the GDPR Law in English or in Hungarian or there’s a summary by Microsoft.



And be prepared.