Cloud, Development & Consulting

We deliver custom software development projects, cloud solutions and help to execute IT strategies, overcome business challenges.


Cloud Migration and Optimization

Secure system migration and optimization is always challenging under 24/7 operations – however, we know the solution.
With Rehost-Refactor-Rearchitect and Rebuild approach we deliver the most ideal solution.


Discovering infrastructure components, performance and workload measures, identifying underutilized resources and areas to improve and plan auto-scaling IaaS/PaaS solutions.


Setting up logging, monitoring, auditing and alerting to support smooth 24/7 operations.
Security standards such as PCI DSS or GDPR are fully supported.


Developing a migration project that contains cloud solution assessment, system and software architecture design.
Cloud migration and implementation with minimal or no downtime aligning it with the defined business objectives.
We are Microsoft Silver Cloud Platform Partners.

24/7 Operations and Support

Highly available and scalable cloud system support and 24/7 operations can be challenging – however, we have the right tools and solution.

Controlled Cloud Environment

Operation of an automated and monitored cloud environment with proactive reaction to events, alerting, availability reporting and client facing dashboards.

Process Management

ITIL based management processes, periodic assessment and reporting.
Automated deployments, CI/CD pipeline setup, release management and infrastructure scaling on demand.

Secure Operation

Reaching compliance and remaining compliant such as GDPR, PCI DSS and others.
Analysing application logs, identify unwanted events and provide solution proposal.
We do PCI DSS certificate in the cloud

PCI DSS Compliancy

Having a PCI DSS compliant eCommerce system in the cloud is challenging – however, we have the experience and solution.
We participated in trainings several times and we are a Certified Technology Provider.

Vulnerability Management

  • Security hardening and protection
  • Monitoring and tracking security events to protect against security issues, vulnerabilities
  • Collecting audit trail for all PCI events
  • Threat detection: Monitor network and system configurations, patching

Access Control

  • Limiting user access and tracking user activities
  • Registering access
  • Restrict physical access
  • Automating reviews and reports

Monitoring, Testing and Documentation

  • Setting up logging, monitoring, auditing, alerting on resources; separating SIEM and audit logs
  • Notification of non-compliant components (e.g. missing patch)
  • Fulfil internal and external security testing and execute recurring operation controls
  • Maintaining PCI documentation and manage audits

Segregating Card Holder Data Environment

  • Sensitive data is stored separately in a safe environment with limited access
  • Enhanced network security with password management, encryption
Software Development

//How We Work

We work based on Agile and Lean principles, delivering projects with Kanban, Scrum and Waterfall approaches. We provide not only software development but all additional services starting from consultation, business analysis, user interaction and user interface planning, designing, quality assurance and user acceptance testing, release management and operational support.
With our complex software development services we are able to fully serve our partners so they can focus more on their business and build up new ideas to be implemented.
Business Analysis
User interface design
Web / Backend Development
Quality Assurance
Release &
eCommerce Web Development
Custom eCommerce solutions specialized for high availability and high transaction numbers including user interface design, infrastructure planning, application development, APIs, data storage, automated testing and cloud solutions.
We do SEO optimization, Google Analytics and Tag Manager setup, CMS introduction, online payment and various social login solutions.
Backend System Development
Custom development services for companies who require high security standards, high availability to manage millions of transactions. We seamlessly integrate to an existing system or take over the development of the existing application.
We usually work with .NET, Git, domain-driven design, continuous integration and continuous delivery.
Software Integrations
We usually work with payment providers and acquirers, delivery and logistic companies, CRM systems, accounting and billing platforms and travel service providers like insurance, hotel wholesalers, airlines, car rentals, ticket agencies, and many others.
The service provider will be integrated into the existing system delivering a smooth user experience.



  • HTML5 / CSS
  • ES6 / Typesript
  • iOS / Android
  • SEO / CMS


  • ASP .NET
  • .NET Core
  • RESTful
  • IIS

Business Analysis

  • Agile / Lean
  • Jira
  • Modelling
  • GA / GTM


  • SQL Server
  • Elasticsearch
  • Redis
  • DWH

Quality Assurance

  • UAT
  • Unit testing
  • APM
  • Selenium
With 25+ years of experience in the airline IT management working with major ultra low cost airlines, we help to overcome business challenges and efficiently execute the IT strategy. DGITAL Labs was founded in 2015 by Zsolt S. Csernak - Head of Technology of Wizz Air between 2003 and 2015 - and employs over 20 professionals in Budapest, Hungary.
Beside consulting, we deliver custom IT development projects for airlines, tour operators and eCommerce businesses while providing 24/7 operations and cloud services. Since 2015 we also work on a travel product portfolio that is worth more than 2 million USD valued by independent IT auditors.
We are a Microsoft Cloud Platform Silver Partner with a group of Application Developers and certified Azure Administrator Associates and Azure Solutions Architect Experts. DGITAL Labs is a certified PCI Service Provider and specializes in maintaining and operating eCommerce websites according to the PCI DSS compliance requirements.

Airline and Travel IT

DGITAL Labs’ management has vast experience in the travel industry gained at major international tourism brands such as Wizz Air,, Kuoni Travel (GTA), Malév Airlines and a variety of leading tour operators.

We are familiar with airline passenger service and operations systems; ERP, CRM and CMS implementations; security standards such as PCI DSS and GDPR; data warehouse and data governance; eCommerce conversion optimization and SEO principles as well as custom IT development and cloud solutions.

We have more than 25 years of ULCC airline and tour operator IT experience both on top and middle management level and delivered a huge variety of IT projects including airline and tour operator launches, system migrations, ERP and data warehouse implementations and many more.

Cloud Architecture and Data Storage

DGITAL is an eCommerce focused technology company that has a unique set of cloud know-how and experience gained at leading airlines including cloud-based website developments, complex system implementations and 24/7 operations.

We have successfully completed more than 30 cloud eCommerce development projects so far such as operational system migration, cloud migration and optimization, cloud data warehouse implementation, cloud -native software developments, ERP and CRM/CDP system introduction and many more. Our operating business critical systems are continuously handling more than 100M monthly transactions.

We are Microsoft Silver Cloud Platform Partners.

eCommerce Solutions

We have gained massive IT know-how in the eCommerce business working at and working with leading global brands such as KPMG Global Services, Wizz Air and JetSMART. We have used our knowledge to build up an eCommerce booking engine and white label website meanwhile gaining hands-on experience in developing and operating eCommerce businesses.

We are IT experts with extensive eCommerce experience that is used for the benefit of already existing eCommerce enterprises as well as establishing new businesses.

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